Castigo Corpus Meum

by Internal Bleeding



This song is inspired by Silas' self-torture scene in the movie "The DaVinci" code.


My path to absolution
Is found within my screams
I must achieve redemption
To have my soul be clean.

I offer up my body
My skin is free to thee
I’m sacrificing my flesh
My faith grows as I bleed.

Self inflict
Pain is my homage
Shackled and tormented
To feel worthy.

On my knees
Arched back
The lashes commence.

Kisses of leather
Touch flesh
I’m at peace.

I bite my lips
And taste my flow
And clench my fist
And swallow the agony.

I watch the dark
Before my eyes
And slip into
a tortured paradise.

I feel his swath replace my blood

Masochist’s worship.

Man’s diseased
His hedonistic ways a plaque to all
I’ll show them the wrath of god

I pray for thee
Their salvation and uncertainty
I’ll show them the wrath god.

I’ll show them the wrath of god.

Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
Lost, wayward, falling to earthly vice I surrender them to you.

Castigate my body
Strike the flesh
Save my soul.

Mutilate my body
This vessel
of damnation.

Castigate my body
Burn the flesh
Blind thine eyes.

My elevation
Through salvation I shall rise.


The ecstasy
Of my misery
From the purging of
My impurities.

Rise above
My mortal need
For faith and love
And worldly greed.


Father forgive them
For they know not what they do
They have been the fodder of temptationFor too long.

I slaughter to wash them of their sins

Father…Castigo corpus meum. (2X)

Solo (Chris Pervelis)


released March 3, 2011
Written and arranged by Internal Bleeding
Lyrics by Keith DeVito and Chris Pervelis



all rights reserved


Internal Bleeding Centereach, New York

Many metal historians will credit the Internal Bleeding with the invention of 'slam' — a genre of death metal that concentrates on punishing grooves meant to incite copious amounts of pit activity. Moreover, the band are considered one of the true pioneers of the New York death metal scene. The band released their first demo in 1991 and are currently finishing the writing of their next album. ... more

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